Club Process

Before attending

  • Book into each session you attend using the booking page
    • This allows each session to be planned.
    • Please do not attend if you have not booked.
    • Contact Dave on Whatsapp if you book on the day just to let him know.
  • Do not attend club if you or a member of your household has had COVID symptoms in the last 48 hours.
    • If you have already booked into the session, please un-book and contact Dave on Whatsapp.
  • People attending a session will be organised into groups of up to 6.
    • You will only play in a team with people from your group during that session. You will play against others, but not on the same side.
  • Parent’s contact information must be up to date please
  • Only bring racket, no case. Minimal additional kit in a single bag to be stored under seat
  • Bring your own water bottle with name on
  • Parent Helper and coach to wear facemasks
  • Drop offs and pickups outside please, so parents only enter the hall if you have to, and if you do, wash your hands as you enter and use a mask. Thank you 🙂

Each evening

  • Dave to clean hall before club starts (as per Village Hall supplementary conditions of hire)
    • There will be hand gel available for member use
    • Windows and doors will be open
  • Wear face masks when not playing
  • Wash hands when entering the hall
  • Write your name on the register and confirm that you have not had symptoms for previous 48 hours (write “no” on the register)
  • Chairs will be setup in a distanced format on the stage. Choose a seat, that seat is yours for the evening.
  • There will be a separate set of shuttlecocks for each evening. These will be re-used, but never within a 2 week period to ensure they are safe. (4 sessions in a 2 week period, so there will be 5 sets of shuttles separately stored.)
  • Only use the disabled loo in the entrance of the hall
  • Then we actually play badminton!
    • Games will be played more or less as normal but adhering to groupings. No group activities, just singles or doubles games.
    • Sanitise as you go onto the court
    • Play
    • Sanities as you come off the court

If someone experiences COVID symptoms during a session

If you experience symptoms up to 10 days after attending: